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As your one-shop solution for drill pipe and tubular inspection, Avantech has assembled the resources and expertise to be a leading provider within our served industry.

In the oil and gas industry we have established a reputation and extensive client base as the premium supplier of ultrasonic and magnetic particle testing systems and services, dimensional inspection services, and quality control training related to pipe and tubular manufacturing and use. Whether you are a manufacturer or user of pipes and tubular products, you can rely on the resources of Avantech to ensure you are producing or using the most reliable product.

Avantech have assembled resources that include:

  • Drill pipe inspection and tubular inspection
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment, knowledge, and resources unparalleled in our served markets
  • Training methods to ensure your personnel are knowledgeable with all industry standards and regulations set for pipe and tubular products
  • Certified NDT trainers, inspectors, and inspection processes

Whether the Oil & Gas industry, construction, or avionics, Avantech has assembled the resources to meet all your manufacturing and in-field pipe and tubular testing and measurement needs.

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